Meet Your Photographers

This Is Us


We are a family. Photography is just one of the things we enjoy doing together. Some of our other past times are music, games, food, & laughter! Nothing beats the company of a few friends or family! We met just out of high school working at a restaurant and our love for family and our ability to make each other laugh is what drew us together. In the short time we have been married, we have managed to buy our first house, bring 2 beautiful babies into this world, buy our second house (and hopefully our last!), and were surprised with our third child. They say 1 is like 1 and 2 is like 20–and let me tell you they were right on! But 3 must be the charm because he has been a huge blessing to our family. Over the years we have had many changes in our lives and it has all gone so quickly that some days you sit back and look at all that has happened and think, where did the time go?

Its easy to get caught up the “busy-ness” of life–appointments, chores, bills, work, shuffling too and from activities–and miss the joy of those around us who change so quickly. We are inspired by capturing the love and joy between people and hope to inspire you to take a time out, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the people you love!


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