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We prefer to shoot out of the studio. Natural backdrops make for more personal photos that allow ups to photograph you in a more relaxed setting. You will be more comfortable and its easier to capture those real moments that inspire us and make the most memorable photos.

One of our favorite photos from our wedding day is one where Andy is making a kissy face at me and I am laughing at him. It is an ‘in the moment’ shot that was not planned or posed, and it is our relationship in a photo. We were attracted to each other initially because of our ability to laugh with each other and we never want to forget that. A great photo is more than a perfect smile or a formal pose. Its something that holds a memory, has the power to make you laugh with delight or bring tears to your eyes, or simply remind you that you are loved and that there’s something to smile about. Those are the kind of photos we want to provide you with every time.


If possible, before your session we like to talk with you to get a feel for the personality of your session. We want to customize each session and the best way to do that is to get to know you! Don’t be afraid to add some personal touches–we love when you do! 🙂 Does your little guy have a favorite truck that he likes to push around? Do you have a hobby such as boating, hunting, playing guitar? Is there a location that is significant to you such as a first date spot or family farm? Bring along some props or suggest a location where we can incorporate it.

On average, sessions last about 1-2 hours, but we don’t work while watching the clock. We want to create a memorable collection of photos for you. During your session we will take a variety of shots and explore different backgrounds and concepts. In the end you’ll have a mix of photos that will tell your story.


A few weeks following your session we will meet with you to view your collection of photos. At that time you can place an order for prints or purchase digital files. We will also post a gallery on our website for you to share with family and friends! (


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